preconceived noceans



Preconceived Noceans is a film that aims to capture the unique and special surf culture of the Great Lakes. Its about taking a different path, surfing in one of the most extreme environments on planet earth, and most importantly, stoke.

The project was born in the fall of 2010, when photography student Cole Slutzky ventured for a swim in local Lake Onatrio and met a group of local surfers. He began documenting their icy adventures as a photo story for school, but used his interest in filmmaking to start something bigger. 4 + years later, Cole continues to follow his brethren and films their bravery and stoke as they slide waves 300+ miles from the nearest ocean.

The estimated release for the film is summer/ fall of 2016.


Aside from the Great Lakes, Cole’s interest in unique surf culture has driven him to film other events, such as Surfer’s Healing and Best Day Foundation, (surf camps held for autistic and special needs children) AMP surf (a camp held for veterans and amputees) as well as a variety of other extremely special and unique surf cultures. He plans on creating a short film that focuses on these types of surfers as well.

Cole also has begun a web series called Foam to Foam, a series about surfboard shapers from the East Coast and Great Lakes.


For more information on the project, please email Cole at